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01.CEBJ5075BR - 4-5mm white clam heishi Shell Bracelets
02.CEBJ030BL - elastic blue tones natural Wooden Bangles
03.CEBJ5048P - MOP pendant Shell Pendants
04.CEBJ426BL - white stained wooden bangle Hand Painted Bangles
05.CEBJ5185P - horn anchor 40mm pendants Bone Horn Pendants
06.CEBJ042GD - set of 6 oval Gifts Sovenirs Give Away
07.CEBJ089BR - green shell combination bracelet Wooden Bracelets
08.CEBJ5122P - MOP round wheel flower Shell Pendants
09.CEBJ007AVBR - agsam bracelet Wet and Wear Jewelry
10.CEBJ5015P - MOP flower pendant Shell Pendants
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