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01.CEBJ324NK - leather thong necklace Leather Necklaces
02.CEBJ5342P - round 40mm pink hammershell Hand Painted Pendant
03.CEBJ5079BR - 2 rows lavender coco Shell Bracelets
04.CEBJ003LEI - bubble shell lei Hawaiian Lei Necklace
05.CEBJ152NK - graduated shell combination rasta Shell Necklace
06.CEBJ233NK - white square cut in Natural Necklace
07.SET_CEBJ2443NK - 10 pcs. 35mm round Set Jewelry
08.CEBJ5076P - tiger cowrie oval hunchback Shell Pendants
09.CEBJ548NK - nickel free silver hoop Choker Hoops
10.CEBJ5090P - round hammershell w/ skin Shell Pendants
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The cheapest price of teens. Unique handmade products from our craftsmen and fashion designers. We also offer wholesale teens with the lowest minimum order quantity (MOQ).
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Distributor and Manufacturer of Cebu, Philippines shell jewelry, wooden jewelry, coconut jewelry, native products, natural components beads, candle holders, keychains, fridge magnets, decorative lamps, hanging chandeliers and more. is a subsidiary Bedido Fashion Inc., Probably the leading manufacturer of Cebu handmade products, fashion accessories and ethnic crafts.

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